CargoArabia Enterprise Solutions
Design, Integration, and PM

  • Build secure cloud infrastructure to configure and host eCommerce backend open-source platform.
  • Design and develop frontend shops utilizing new superfast code and techniques.
  • Supervise direct integration with Rubban Express and with all other delivery and logistics companies.
  • Advisory and consultation services to achieve global best practices in process automation, and integrating accounting solutions, Warehouses, Delivery, Marketing and Advertisement.
  • Provide recommendations to apply state of the art Analytics and decision support systems to improve the decision-making process which will lead to customer satisfaction.
  • Apply Command and Control Monitor solution to increase operational visibility.
  • Comprehensive training to the operational team in all areas.
  • Provide Cybersecurity analysis and provide recommendation reports for CIOs.
  • Complete support contract to ensure business continuity.

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CargoArabia Enterprise Solutions

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